November 6, 2018

I am a born optimist and I thank God for that. I cannot imagine what it’s like waking up in the morning thinking that the whole world is against you, that something terrible is about to happen or that anything you set out to do is doomed to failure. So you might find it a…

October 29, 2018
The summer heat can seriously effect your judgement.

The summer months seem to have a deleterious effect on the function of the brain of various Chelsea members of staff. The cause is as yet unknown, those afflicted not always identifiable but we fans know that it exists. Otherwise how could one explain Jose’ Mourinho’s behaviour towards doc Eva Carneiro on the opening day…

Chelsea Badge
October 29, 2018
Welcome to our new website

WELCOME It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the brand new Chelsea Supporters Club Malta website. As soon as I was nominated to be Club President my first thought was that we have to have a proper, official medium to communicate with our members and the public in general. Therefore the setting…