It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the brand new Chelsea Supporters Club Malta website. As soon as I was nominated to be Club President my first thought was that we have to have a proper, official medium to communicate with our members and the public in general. Therefore the setting up of the website is a natural consequence.

This is definitely not a one-way website. I will personally try to keep it as up to date as possible and also pen in a few articles. But straight away I would like to tell everyone who is interested that we welcome your contribution and look forward to receiving articles for publication. Maltese, English, Italian, French, Swahili – everything is welcome.

We will also have an easy to use comments section after each article. Once again I ask you to contribute and keep the debate going. There will be only one rule – common decency towards those who disagree with your opinion.

What you are seeing today is only the beginning. As time goes by we will make it bigger and better. But we will need your help. To start with you can send us photos of yourself taken with players, at Stamford Bridge, Harlington, Cobham or even at the club in Malta.

This website has not cost the club a penny (or a euro cent). My son Paul “volunteered” his services free of charge and for this I thank him. Having said that if you know of anyone who can help our club by advertising on it please do ask them to get in touch with us.

And finally a disclaimer. Unless otherwise stated every article or comment that appears on this site should in no way be construed to reflect the views of anyone other than those of the author of the article or the person making the comment.


Richard Micallef

Club President, Chelsea Supports Club Malta