Chelsea 3 Man Utd 3

The game between Chelsea and Utd ended 3 – 3. Scorers for Chelsea were OG Evans, Mata (goal of the season) and Rio Ferdinand OG (Anton’s Brother – Conspiracy to get him back the England captaincy). Utd scorers Rooney (pass by H Webb) Howard Webb and that SOB Mexican.

I was totally devastated today to see Howard Webb was the referee. And this was before the game started. You can imagine how I feel that now it has finished and yes the second penalty was definitely a dive by that DH Wellbeck…. I was also very worried that the fourth official was Phil Dowd…. possibly the worse referee in football history. For those with a short memory he is the ref who has sent JT off 3 times and each time it gets rescinded… I am sure Sir A was very pleased to see friendly officials. Where was Martin Atkinson when you need him…… Did you realise that since that freekick (not two penalties) that Fergie complained so much about that led to JT’s goal in our Double winning season Mr ATkinson has never refereed games between us 2. Sir A also has the audicity to complain about the linesman… at his age I can imagine that his memory is failing, so I would like to remind Sir Red Nose that the linesman did not flag two offside that resulted in Utd’s 2 first goals against Chelsea in the first round game….

I am without a shadow of a doubt convinced that the English FA are all out against Chelsea. Firstly they strip JT of the England armand (the laws have changed – guilty until proven otherwise…..) then these 2 officials… God help us. It is true that we are not playing the best football and certain decisions, especially substitutions by AVB, are very questionable, but I am certainly deeply concerned about this. In view of such a ridicioulos decision by the FA,  my suggestion to Chelsea is not to allow The English players to play with the national Team.

The sooner this season is over the better. PS By the way, I didn’t mention Chris Foy

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