To order match tickets please use this number ONLY9913 5855
Please note that all match tickets for season 2015/2016 are not out yet

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Please click here for 2015 – 2016 Membership Formfor 2015/2016

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Home Premiership Matches Supporter Club Order Period 15/16

Please note that so far we do not qualify to buy tickets as we do not have enough members who have paid TRUE BLUE Membership yet. I urge those who paid to let me know

Applications will only be accepted during the specified order period.
Any early/late applications will be returned. To order call or message 99135855.

Date Match Order Period for True Blues Members till 16.00 hrs/ Box office on sale date
Sat 8th Aug Swansea City 5th & 6th July /13th July
Sat 29th Aug Crystal Palace 12th & 13th July /20th July
Sun 19th Sept Arsenal ** 26th & 27th July /3rd Aug
Sat 3rd Oct Southampton 16th & 17th Aug /24th Aug
Sat 17th Oct Aston Villa 30th & 31st Aug /7th Sept
Sat 31st Oct Liverpool ** 13th & 14th Sep /21st Sept
Sat 21st Nov Norwich City 4th & 5th Oct /12th Oct
Sat 5th Dec Bournemouth 18th & 19th Oct /26th Oct
Sat 19th Dec Sunderland 1st & 2nd Nov /9th Nov
Sat 26th Dec Watford 8th & 9th Nov /16th Nov
Wed 13th Jan West Brom 22nd & 23rd Nov /2nd Dec
Sat 16th Jan Everton 29th & 30th Nov /7th Dec
Sat 6th Feb Man UTD ** 20th & 21st Dec /29th Dec
Sat 13th Feb Newcastle 27th & 28th Dec /4th Jan
Sat 5th Mar Stoke City 17th & 18th Jan /25th Jan
Sat 19th Mar West Ham 31st Jan & 1st Feb /8th Feb
Sat 16th Apr Man City ** 28th & 29th Feb /7th Mar
Sat 20th Apr Tottenham ** 13th & 14th Mar /21st Mar
Sun 15th May Leicester City 27th & 28th Mar /4th April

Please note all fixtures and on sale dates are subject to date and time change
** These matches will be sold against loyalty points
Chelsea Football Club reserves the right to apply the use of loyalty point’s process
in order to obtain match tickets to any fixture outside of the matches listed if required.
All ticket requests are subject to availability.
Please note all fixtures and on sale dates are subject to date and time change.
Tickets applications through Supporters clubs do not guarantee tickets.

To download Excel sheet please click here

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Dates / Timings might change after TV selections are finalised.

Sun Aug 2 16:00 Arsenal W
Sat Aug 8 18:30 Swansea City H
Sun Aug 16 17:00 Manchester City A
Sun Aug 23 14:30 West Brom A
Sat Aug 29 16:00 Crystal Palace H
Sat Sep 5 International Date
Sat Sep 12 13:45 Everton A
Sep 15/16 20:45 UEFA Champions League G1
Sat Sep 19 13:45 Arsenal H
Wed Sep 23 20:45 Capital One Cup 3
Sat Sep 26 18:30 Newcastle United A
Sep 29/30 20:45 UEFA Champions League G2
Sat Oct 3 16:00 Southampton H
Sat Oct 10 International Date
Sat Oct 17 16:00 Aston Villa H
Oct 20/21 20:45 UEFA Champions League G3
Sat Oct 24 16:00 West Ham United A
Wed Oct 28 20:45 Capital One Cup 4
Sat Oct 31 16:00 Liverpool H
Nov 3/4 20:45 UEFA Champions League G4
Sat Nov 7 16:00 Stoke City A
Sat Nov 14 International Date
Sat Nov 21 16:00 Norwich City H
Nov 24/25 20:45 UEFA Champions League G5
Sat Nov 28 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur A
Wed Dec 2 20:45 Capital One Cup 5
Sat Dec 5 16:00 Bournemouth H
Dec 8/9 20:45 UEFA Champions League G6
Sat Dec 12 16:00 Leicester City A
Sat Dec 19 16:00 Sunderland H
Sat Dec 26 16:00 Watford H
Mon Dec 28 21:00 Manchester United A
Sat Jan 2 16:00 Crystal Palace A
Wed Jan 6 20:45 Capital One Cup Semi-Final (1)
Sat Jan 9 16:00 Emirates FA Cup 3
Wed Jan 13 20:45 West Brom H
Sat Jan 16 16:00 Everton H
Sat Jan 23 16:00 Arsenal A
Wed Jan 27 20:45 Capital One Cup Semi-Final (2)
Sat Jan 30 16:00 Emirates FA Cup 4
Tue Feb 2 20:45 Watford A
Sat Feb 6 16:00 Manchester United H
Sat Feb 13 16:00 Newcastle United H
Sat Feb 20 16:00 Emirates FA Cup 5
Sat Feb 27 16:00 Southampton A
Sun Feb 28 16:00 Capital One Cup Final
Tue Mar 1 20:45 Norwich City A
Sat Mar 5 16:00 Stoke City H
Sat Mar 12 16:00 Liverpool A Emirates FA Cup 6
Sat Mar 19 16:00 West Ham United H
Sat Mar 26 International Date
Sat Apr 2 16:00 Aston Villa A
Sat Apr 9 16:00 Swansea City A
Sat Apr 16 16:00 Manchester City H
Sat Apr 23 16:00 Bournemouth A Emirates FA Cup Semi-Final
Sat Apr 30 16:00 Tottenham Hotspur H
Sat May 7 16:00 Sunderland A
Sun May 15 16:00 Leicester City H
Sat May 21 16:00 W Emirates FA Cup Final
Sat May 28 20:45 UEFA Champions League Final

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Gozo Activity

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Committee 2015/2016

At the first Committee meeting held on Thursday 4 June the following members were appointed to the following posts:-

President: Gino Lombardi
Vice-President: Edward D’Amato
Hon. Secretary: Charlie Borg
Hon. Treasurer: Chris Micallef
Membership Secretary: Vanessa Debattista
Club Officials: Winston Mifsud u Kevin Montanaro
P.R.O. (to be confirmed) Godfrey Pace

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Below please find the official results of the Election of the committee for 2015 / 2016 held during the AGM on 29 May. 8 members had to be elected.

Round one:- No of votes 36 / Valid Votes 36

Anastasi Joseph – 18
Borg Charles – 18
Catania Ronnie – 18
D’Amato Edward – 23 (Elected)
Debattista Vanessa – 24 (Elected)
Lombardi Gino – 18
Micallef Chris – 34 (Elected)
Mifsud Winston – 21 (Elected)
Montanaro Kevin – 21 (Elected)
Pace Godfrey – 19 (Elected)

Round two:- No of votes 26 / Valid Votes 25 – Invalid Vote 1

Anastasi Joseph – withdrew
Borg Charles – 16 (Elected)
Catania Ronnie – 9
Lombardi Gino – 18 (Elected)

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Membership with Chelsea UK

Please note that UK memberships are now open both for renewals and new members. We urge all local supporters, especially if they intend to watch matches at Stamford Bridge next year, to join and do it as soon as possible definitely before the end of July. By joining before the end of July you will receive 5 loyalty points which are important to get tickets. I would like to point out that tickets bought through the supporters club are not transferable.

It is also important to advise us when membership is renewed as tickets can only be purchased by the Supporters club and not by the individual. Unless registered with us we will not be able to get you tickets.

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Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting for the year 2014 / 2015 will be held at the Mosta club on Friday 29 May 2015. Time will be advised at a later date but would be around 19.30. All paid up members are eligible to vote.

Those persons who would like to form part of the committee are to submit their nomination to myself (in the absence of the Honorary Secretary) by e-mailing or contacting me on 99135855. Below are extracts of our statute concerning the AGM.

The Branch working Committee shall consist of:
1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Honorary Secretary
4. Honorary Treasurer
5. Minimum: 2 Members / Maximum: 4 Members

The Committee Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible to serve for TWELVE months. The Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election.

The Honorary Secretary shall receive nominations of Committee Members not less than SEVEN days before the Annual General Meeting. A ballot shall take place if the number of nominations exceed that of the number required.

For those persons not attending attached please find the AGM 2015 Proxy

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Carling Cup Ticket Information

Below is the info we have regarding tickets for the Cup Final. This info was downloaded from the website. Should we hear anything else from Chelsea we will announce this here and on the Facebook page. It seems unlikely that overseas members will be allocated any tickets.

Capital One Cup final ticket update

We will receive 31,689 tickets for the Capital One Cup final, which takes place at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 1 March.

Adult tickets are priced £100, £90, £72, £56 and £40 with seniors (Over 65) and juniors (Under 18) charged 50 per cent of the adult price in the equivalent area.

We have been allocated the West side of Wembley stadium.

Selling procedures

Supporters on the UK away scheme can purchase their ticket.

One ticket will be sold to season ticket holders on a loyalty-point basis.

Any remaining tickets will go on sale 1 ticket per member on a loyalty-point basis.

Once the tickets arrive, the ticket selling dates will be announced.

All tickets are subject to availability.

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